From the time I was a child, I’ve been interested in learning how things work and how to fix them. My father taught me how to use hand tools and power tools. My mother taught me how to sew, cook and garden. My grandfather taught me mechanics and electronics. One of my oldest memories is of him showing me how to take apart a drill, refurbish the electrical parts, grease the gears, and put it back together. That was back in the day when you didn’t throw things out, you fixed them. I still do that. I grew up with a knack for fixing things. When I was 13, our washing machine broke. I took it apart, figured out what was wrong, and fixed it. I’ve been doing things like that ever since.

Though I’m not the guy you would call to build an addition onto your house, I am the one to call to fix or replace things. I specialize in the jobs for which it’s tough to find someone; the jobs that are too small for plumbers, electricians or carpenters.

I am on every job we do to guarantee quality work. I pride myself on showing up when I say I will, doing what I say I will do, cleaning up after myself and always checking back to make sure you’re satisfied.

rich horchler

FixerMen is an independent company located in Montpelier, Vermont. We are Licensed and Insured.

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